‘Five dogs howl by the gates, while a few employees gather on a culvert near the parking lot. Up above the HMT Watch Factory a clock ticks on. Employees point to it saying that once the electricity is cut off, even this symbol of a once-proud factory will stop.’

It is common knowledge that time and motion are deeply related. In stillness, time moves faster than in motion. The HMT Watch Factory in Jalahalli seemed to have embodied this idea in the last few years of it’s functioning. The clocks are still but time keeps passing, unfailingly.


This project narrates the history of the HMT Watch Factory in the form a video that explores time as its inherent nature while carrying with it the story of the clockmakers who kept time. The content of the video uses found images from the factory in 2015, it's last year of functioning juxtaposed with images of the current HMT estate that seems to have lost most of its residents, the keepers of time. In this abandonment, the neighbourhood of HMT seems to exist constantly, within a binary, of fast paced motion and absolute stillness. The sound is an ode to the factory worker and the maker of HMT’s proud mechanical watch.


The futility as well as the significance of constructing devices that keep time and the invention of time itself becomes central to the story of HMT.


Time no longer belongs to anyone, neither the clock, nor the clockmaker.